10 good reasons


  1. Meet, mingle and learn from like-minded creative professionals.
  2. Support the people, agencies and suppliers in our industry.
  3. Keep abreast with the latest trends, influences and influencers.
  4. Get to meet some of the world’s best international creatives.
  5. The ability to enter your work into the PADC awards show
  6. Membership and fees can be offset as a tax deduction.
  7. Student members get to learn from experienced professionals.
  8. The chance to anticipate and explore career opportunities.
  9. Discounts on PADC award show and other function tickets.
  10. The respect you get from being part of a creative community.

Membership Fees

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PADC memberships are valid for 1 year/365 days from the date of joining. We'll contact you shortly before your membership renewal is due with veiled threats of violence and blackmail.

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