We’re living in the age of ‘total video’ – a new definition of TV whereby any time you are in front of a screen, you are consuming video content. Be that on a television set, a laptop, a mobile or a tablet.

With the consumption of video content increasing by the hour, the growth in online video has exploded in Australia and the demand is only going to increase. But with all this comes a change in how video advertising is delivered to those screens – in the highest quality, offering the best experience for consumers. This includes dealing with challenges of brand safety, measurement and changing regulations.

At the forefront of this change is Group IMD who this week rebranded to Peach. Peach is a market leader in video advertising distribution used by over 400 media and creative agencies and clients in Australia (working with all the major broadcasters across the country).

As PADC Patron, I excited to announce that Peach has once again signed as a principal partner of the club.

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