We all know that 2020 has been… interesting, to say the least.

With so much of the local creative communications industry finding themselves in uncharted waters from a creative business perspective, we thought it was time to take the temperature of the WA industry with the PADC COVID-19 Industry Survey.

If you’re part of the WA creative communications industry, you can take the survey here

This is your chance to let us know how you’re doing, what you’ve learnt, and what you’re looking forward to from your PADC.

All responses are anonymous, and the survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. All data captured from this survey will be presented back to the WA industry for free, as an education and inspiration exercise, across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and the PADC Commune blog.
Deadline is April 30, so please get your responses in ASAP! See you on the other side…
Illustration credit: Cameron Jones

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