Perth-based photographer, filmmaker, creative director, “part-time Steve Aoki impersonator, professional troll and that one Asian guy from Survivor” Jarrad Seng recently posted his thoughts on being creative in the time of COVID-19, which has gained plenty of discussion and appreciation online.

He has since gone to create an incredible Facebook resource for creatives, freelance and otherwise, to gather and share experiences and advice around the current climate. Find out more on his Facebook page or the Freelancer’s Guide to Self Isolation group. His original post is republished below, with permission.

“We’re in unprecedented times. I’m currently working out how I’m going to get home from overseas, and then navigate self isolation and the total cancellation of two months of work.

The next few months are going to be tough (for my freelancer friends in particular). But with every challenge comes an opportunity. How many times have you felt like work and life were hurtling by at such a speed that you were bound to lose control any second? I can’t really remember a time I haven’t felt like that.

As much hurt and difficulty this crisis will bring – it’s a circuit breaker. Maybe this is the moment that stops us all in our tracks and forces us to slow down, reevaluate and grow. As freelancers, we almost never afford ourselves the time and space. Let’s make the most of this time in isolation…

– Develop those personal projects that you’ve put put off for years because you ‘didn’t have time’. All the time in the world now.
– Update your website and portfolio. I *know* it needs it.
– Get your taxes and accounting in order. It’s not as painful as it sounds.
– Read the book you bought at the airport but never read because watching Fast on the Furious on the plane was less effort.
– Reconnect with those in your industry, workshops ideas, create collaboration plans. We’re all in this together.
– Restyle your home office space. You’re gonna be closely acquainted this year.
– Learn that skill that had always seemed too time confusing and painful and why would I when I can pay someone who knows. better (*cough* AfterEffects). There are so many digital resources out there.
– Review your business model. How can you amplify the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.
– Create art. Consume art. Finish that song, edit that video. Read a book. Watch a film. Write a postcard to an old friend.

Focus on yourself, and emerge from this stronger… stay safe peeps x ”

Jarrad has also created a 14-Day Isolation Challenge for anyone looking for an artistic or creative kick in the pants, particularly as we roll into late April and beyond. Jump on board and join the Freelancer’s Guide to Self Isolation for more inspiration and wisdom from the creative hive mind. 

He’s also been hosting some fantastic live Zoom guests sessions with insights and discussions from across many different industries. These are raw, unedited captures, but well worth a look for a broader perspective on the state of the post-COVID creative world…


Von Wong

Josh Pyke

Demas Rusli

Samantha Gash

Jai Long

Bella Kotak

Matt Vandeputte

Kane Vato

Alex Dyson + Woodes


All image rights and credits: Jarrad Seng

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