Well, that’s been a wild couple of weeks, hasn’t it? We know you’ve probably been inundated by stories, news reports, how-tos, why-nots, resources and everything else about Coronavirus/COVID-19… we certainly have been. I will admit to taking a slight breather while everything was exploding around us, to wait until the dust settles, and to see how your PADC could be a little more useful, a little less panicked, and a little more creative during the sort of times that the word ‘unprecedented’ was invented for.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Club will be doing some major retooling to suit these new times that we’ve all found ourselves in – from a member survey to see where we can continue to be as useful as possible for the Western Australian creative, design, digital and production worlds, to a dramatically rethought approach to this year’s Skulls and Diamond Skulls.


Lest you have any doubts, the PADC show will continue to go on in one form or another – we’ve all become basically Zoom/Slack/Messenger/House Party/Netflix Party/Discord experts over the last week or so, so there’s plenty of opportunities for us to stay in virtual contact, share ideas and resources, and ultimately help the Perth creative company stay active and alive through this crazy period.

Obviously, a lot has changed since our AGM launch only a month ago (it already feels like year ago!), but one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to the Perth and Western Australia commercial creativity community. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions the Club or the Prez, as always, feel free to hit us up on Facebook Messenger or email Club Manager Tia Brazier at admin@padc.com.au and President Josh Edge at mynameisedge@gmail.com

Lastly, we’ve seen a particularly awesome quote from Claire Dunn’s awesome piece on Dumbo Feather doing the rounds recently – it was written in the face of climate crisis and the recent Aussie bushfires but is more relevant now than ever before:

“Know your neighbours. Know your place. Get skills. Grieve. Create. Celebrate.”

We can’t think of a better set of guiding words for right now. Stay safe everyone, and let’s continue to work together to make 2020 a year of reinvention and creative resilience.


📷credit: PADC Photographer of the Year Matsu 


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