I recently got sent another job ad by a friend, and it is crystal clear that the marketing industry has a serious problem.

A unicorn problem.

Companies and agencies are on the hunt for the Unicorn Marketer.

These job ads usually go something like this.


Key responsibilities include:

– Genius copywriter

– Expert videographer, shoot and edit

– Brilliant photographer

– Google Ads champion

– SEO legend

– Social media phenom, paid and organic across every platform that has ever existed

– Graphic design lord for digital and print

– Website management across all platforms

– Podcast sound engineering tsar

– Can-do attitude

– Years of experience in each of the above fields

– University degrees

– Data analytics savant

– May or not be full-time, maybe part-time

– Salary Expectations around $60K


Stop expecting unicorn marketers. It’s ridiculous. Businesses, start truly understanding where your marketing dollars should be spent, and put them there. Strategy is crucial. Scale outwards one channel at a time, and don’t hand it all to one/two people.

Agencies, understand the level of skill required in each discipline, and do not expect mastery of all, while paying peanuts.


Clayton Smith is a Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist for Smith Social 

Photo Credit: Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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