The 2019 Skulls Judging in Manchester is about to kick off, and we want to make sure that our members get the most out of sending their work off to the big wide world.

So we’ll be asking the full panel of judges for feedback on the overall quality of work and specific categories, which will be filmed and showed to PADC members at a date close to the awards night. If you’d like to be part of this feedback process, this is your opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have about the work. 

Our Skulls judges span the worlds of production, design, creative and design, so there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained.


To ask a Skulls judge a question, please follow the format below before the cut-off time of 12pm Thursday, 5th September:

• Email with the subject line: ASK A SKULLS JUDGE. Only emails will this subject line will be read.

• Bear in mind that feedback will be given prior to the awards night, so keep your question reasonably generic and not specific to individual work where possible (ie. ‘Did my work win?’ is not a great question).

• Questions that have broader relevance to the local industry are preferred!


Questions can be general or directed to a specific Jury. The full list of judges can be found below:


Marketing Communications Jury

Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Lynx

Vince McSweeney, Chief Creative Officer, McCann

Gareth Howells, Creative Director, Hut Group

Rufus Wedderburn, Group Head, Leith Agency

Jon Chapman, Executive Creative Director, Havas Lynx

Thea Burrows, Managing Director, Maker


Creativity for Good & Craft Jury

Richard Bainbridge, VFX Artist, MPC, Glassworks, Absolute Post, The Mill and others

Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Lynx

Paul Kinsella, Executive Creative Director, Havas Lynx

Gary Fawcett, Executive Creative Director, TBWA

Karl Stones, Creative Director, BJL

Samantha Carter, Copywriter, Zeal


Branding & Design Jury

Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Lynx

Craig Oldham, Creative Director, Office of Craig

Nick Chaffe, Graphic Designer

Dorina D’Ambrosio, Founder, The Behaviours Agency

Samantha Sargent, Creative Director, H4B Manchester

Good luck to everyone who entered!

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