Last Friday night, PADC partner Southern Cross Austereo awarded a $20,000 prize for one creative radio ad.
They’ve been doing that every year in WA for 24 years. It can’t be easy, to continually justify that kind of spend with no immediate return, but we’re eternally grateful that you do.
As another Skulls Award Show passes, let’s take a minute to recognise the PADC partners for their contribution to our creative industry.
As budgets become stretched, those who still choose to support the creative industries in WA are valuable beyond words. You’re the ones who understand that creativity, innovation and big ideas are the only things that will keep our industry moving forward in a meaningful way, preventing a downward spiral into the useful, but ultimately reductive world of constant optimisation, micro-messaging and modular targeted content. You remind us to not to focus solely on the faster horses when we have the power to invent the automobile.
I lament the loss of many sponsored events over the years. At the front of my mind is The West Australian Caxton Competition, where agencies would enter spec press creative for their current (‘real’) clients, culminating in an exhibition evening where we could learn how to best use press as a communications medium.
Talking to junior creatives about these kinds of initiatives can feel like describing an ancient missive transcribed from a stone tablet uncovered from the mists of time. But these events pushed us to think of innovative ways to use the media creatively, and our clients jumped on board to see what we could really do when the gloves were off. I wonder if there’s a place for something like that again – could we help print reclaim its place as a showcase for new thinking and big ideas?
Or, with the rise of new digital design agencies and departments, is this a perfect opportunity for the small-to-micro agencies to compete on an even playing field of unfettered creativity? At the end of the day, all creatives get a chance to put their talent where their mouth is, while our clients see the best work possible.
I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Group IMD, Edith Cowan University, Fairfax Media, Media Tonic, Advance Press, Lux Events and Southern Cross Austereo, for your generous support of the PADC.
Thank you for pushing us forward, because good is not good enough, when so many livelihoods depend on our work… well, working.
Rikki Burns, Associate Creative Director Meerkats

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